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From Students

  • I think that my online teacher was awesome! She definitely gave me enough time to practice new topics and get the sentences right. And she corrected my speech if I said something incorrect. I really enjoyed when we went over how to write different Chinese radicals and characters. (from the document of Student Feedback)

  • I like that it is just student-to-teacher so I can learn what I need help with quickly and my teacher can help me with it. (from the document of Student Feedback)

  • What I like about the online learning is that it gives a one to one opportunity to work on private matters/struggles like tone. The online learning sessions also keep you attentive because of how fast and how much material for the lesson there is to obtain. (from the document of Student Feedback)

  • I definitely like how we can move at my pace. If I need more time on one subject, we can focus on that. If I can move quickly through something, we can move quickly. I think it is also really great. Also, my family doesn't need to be troubled with driving me to school since I have a computer at home. Plus, computers are everywhere! I really enjoy the online sessions! (from the document of Student Feedback)

From Parents

  • Our online teacher was very committed and patient. It was quite effective for my 2nd grader. She learned a lot and enjoyed the online format. (from the document of Parent Feedback Grades 3-5)

  • We were very happy with the program. Our daughter learned a lot. She had wonderful teachers. It was very age appropriate. A very nice balance of academics and fun activities. (from the document of Parent Feedback Grades K-2)

  • The k-2 summer program was more than I ever hoped for my son. I was amazed by all he was able to learn in such a short period of time. He really had a great time and looked forward to each class. (from the document of Parent Feedback Grades K-2)

  • This is a great program that kids not only learn about Chinese characters but the Chinese culture as well. (from the document of Parent Feedback Grades K-2)

  • My son has learned so much Mandarin being in the flagship program for the last two years when he was in kindergarten and first grade. He began not knowing any Mandarin. The weekly online component is a fantastic way for him to get individualized feedback and practice speaking with immediate corrections and answers to his questions in a very convenient setting. In addition, having the iPad Chinese apps and the YouTube videos and corresponding online games helped him learn vocabulary. I think this program is an amazing way to get non-native speakers to learn Mandarin. I am so pleased with my son's progress and happy he was able to start learning Mandarin at a young age. - Nancy

  • Our kids enjoyed learning through the Flagship program. The method had helped my daughter Hannah learn to write letters to her pen pal using the computer, write words by hand and speak more fluently. My son Zachary loved the online program as well as the in person classes and he had improved his verbal skills tremendously. Also, we had a great time going to the city and experienced the Chinese New Year celebration. - Anna

A student is finishing his last online session
and says good bye to his online teacher.
  • It has been a very rewarding year for my 6th and 4th graders participating in the flagship program. The program, including the summer session and weekly online lessons, has helped my children tremendously to be able to start speaking the language. The grouping of the lessons (family backgrounds, food, likes/dislikes, etc), the repetitions of prior weeks’ lessons while introducing new materials, usage of pictures all make the online lessons interesting and engaging.

    The teachers have been wonderful in encouraging the students to learn. They make the lessons fun and interesting. The assignments (pen pal letters, etc) help to reinforce understanding pinyin, which in turns helps the students to speak properly. - Edward

  • We are the parents of Brendan and Madeline, who have taken part in the Chinese Flagship Program this year. We must say that we are absolutely thrilled with what the program has had to offer and amazed at how receptive our kids have been to learning Chinese through the interactive online classes.

    To provide some additional context here, we had tried to put Brendan and Madeline in a traditional Chinese school on the weekends in the past - the results were abysmal and we pulled them out of school before they grew to resent the language on a broader basis.

    More specifically, our kids appreciate the individualized teaching approach based on their respective interest and proficiency level. The use of monthly in-person classes to supplement the online sessions was also very well-received. And, they were so fortunate to have Ms. Lu ("Lu Laoshi") as their teacher, who they consider to be their "favorite teacher ever" despite the fact that they have never met in person! Lu Laoshi was simply wonderful in keeping our kids fully engaged yet challenged with the many different exercises she worked with them on over the past months. They literally looked forward to spending time and learning Chinese with Lu Laoshi online every Sunday morning! We'd like to sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Lu Laoshi! :)
    - Shirley & Fred



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