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A variety of learning materials were used synchronously and asynchronously to achieve the best learning results. Instructor-designed PPTs were used for synchronous online tutoring sessions via the Live Classroom on Chineseforall.org. Authentic materials (print and digital) were used for both face-to-face group sessions and for completing assignments after the online sessions.

Here is a list of materials we used:

- Course packet compiled by the program
- Elementary Chinese (textbook)
- A Multimedia Course for Learning Chinese Characters (textbook)
- Chineseliteracy.net (web-based materials and exercises to build literacy foundation)
- Resource bank materials (online materials compiled by the program)
- Video Modules (authentic videos with exercises, featuring scenarios such as ordering food, shopping, giving directions, and traveling)
- Other authentic material: menus, maps & street signs, traveling ads and brochures, promotional ads from stores, and more.
- Learning Apps: The project team developed a prototype of a game-based learning material for grades 3-5.




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