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The K-12 program adopted a pedagogical approach that aimed to engage learners in purposeful communication in which they could construct knowledge and negotiate meaning. This approach ensured that learners received sufficient input in the target language, had abundant opportunities for output and interaction, received both implicit and explicit feedback, and worked within a task-based framework.

At face-to-face sessions, students benefited from learning in groups to share and to interact, working together on meaningful tasks to solve problems. A variety of activities were used in class to engage students while keeping them on track for meeting the learning targets. At online tutoring sessions, students were able to focus on personal interests and needs and to maximize their learning outcomes through receiving level-appropriate challenges and individualized error corrections. For example, students with a heritage background in Chinese who knew how to speak but not read or write in Chinese were challenged to work more on literacy development.

Sample Online Session: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_veUryo0BlNTFV0dUhsYm5IYlE




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