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Why Study Chinese? What is Blended Learning? Chinese For All
  • Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. Even in the US many people speak Chinese.

  • Studying a new language opens doors to exciting new worlds.

  • China factors into the origins of other ancient civilizations and is now the second largest economy in the world.

  • Studying Chinese may open possibilities for your future!

  • Blended learning combines classroom face-to-face and online and mobile learning.

  • Blended learning allows for a more personalized learning experience.

  • Blended learning gives students more control over the time, place, pace, and level appropriate to their needs.

  • Studies show blended learning is especially effective for language learners.

Chinese for All is a first-of-its-kind learning platform that incorporates synchronous communication where users can access learning tools, including shareable audio, textual, and video documents. It is a unique course management system, especially designed for interactive, online language learning.

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